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October 8, 2012 by mikeyrose

When Adidas revealed their new marketing campaign for Derrick Rose, “D Rose Will Rise”, the internet was quick to make the connection to this summer’s super hero blockbuster “Batman: The Dark Knight Rises.”  Fans even went as far as to mash together the audio from the Batman trailer with Derrick Rose highlights and redo the movie’s poster.

The video, “The Red Knight Rises” puts LeBron James into the role of Bane.  An evil, physically overpowering villain, hell bent on destruction and chaos.  This is a perfect comparison.  To stregnthen the connection between Bane and LeBron let’s take a look at some of Bane’s most memorable quotes from the film and I’ll explain how they relate to number six in Miami.

Roland Daggett: I paid you a small fortune….
Bane: And you think that gives you power over me?

In the summer of 2010 LeBron became infamous for leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers and joining the Miami Heat (The League of Shadows).  Many felt LeBron owed it to the city of Cleveland to stay, including owner Dan Gilbert, who wrote a harsh, comic-sans fonted letter declaring LeBron a traitor.  But what did LeBron owe to Dan Gilbert?

Much like poor Roland Daggett, it seems as if Mr. Gilbert was confused as to what the fat checks he was cutting meant.  He didn’t own LeBron, and his small fortune didn’t influence his decisions.  LeBron, like Bane, always had his own agenda and was powerful enough to follow his own plan.

Many believe that LeBron, Wade, and Bosh had agreed in advance to join forces in Miami and the recruiting and pitching was all a charade.  Bane was on a mission of his own the whole time, Roland Daggett, like Dan Gilbert, had little influence or control over the monster he employed.  Bane and LeBron write their own rules, always have, and it would be a mistake to think otherwise.

Bane: I’m Gotham’s reckoning, here to end the borrowed time you’ve all been living on

LeBron famously told a crowd in Miami that he was here to win not one, not two, not three…… and was then mocked for his declaration after failing to win the title in his first year in Miami.  Now, I wake up from nightmares, thinking this could potentially be true after Miami won it all last year.

The previous 4 NBA championships were won by teams whose best players are all over their 30’s.  Were Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, Paul Perice, Kevin Garnett, Jason Kidd, and Dirk Nowitzki all on borrowed time? Were we all on borrowed time?

LeBron, like Bane, put everyone on notice; he’s taking over, your destruction is coming.  I fear, like the citizens of Gotham, that it could truly be over.  Will Miami start a dynasty?  Is this the first of many times I spitefully watch LeBron James raise the Larry O’Brein trophy?

Bane: So you came back to die for your city?
Batman: No, I came back to stop you.

In the NBA world this dialogue would be exchanged between LeBron and Rose before the tip off of a grueling Eastern Conference Finals.  While it’s unlikely Anne Hathway will ride in on a motorcycle in skin tight spandex and shoot LeBron in the chest (i’m rooting for half of that to be true), the chance for Rose to have learned from this injury and come back a better player does exist.

Much like Batman was forced to watch Gotham’s reckoning on a television in his own personal hell, Rose too was broken, helpless and could do nothing as the Miami Heat won the 2012 NBA Championship.

Bane: You fight like a younger man, with nothing held back.  Admirable but mistaken.

Since Rose joined the NBA I’ve listened to analysts and writers preach about how Rose’s style isn’t suited for longevity.  While his reckless abandon endeared him to his fans, it cost him a myraid of injuries last season including the torn ACL he is still recovering from now.

When LeBron first entered the league his game was similarly criticized.  “Turn him into a jump-shooter” was the common plan to neutralize his over-matching strength and drive abilities.  After many failed attempts at the championship we’ve seen LeBron better tailor his game to success.  Now with the addition of a post-game and an improved jump shot, he has found the glory that previously escaped him.  Like Bane, LeBron has learned to rely on more than his superior strength to accomplish his goals.

Derrick Rose must now learn to embrace fear, as Batman did, to improve his game.  I offer Derrick the same sage like advice Bruce Wayne received while in the pit recovering from his injury.

Blind Prisoner: You do not fear death.  You think this makes you strong.  It makes you weak.  How can you move faster than possible, fight longer than possible without the most basic impulse of the human spirit: the fear of death. 

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